eGuestbook Benefits

Flexible Usage

Any event needs an eGuestbook unit. It allows your guests to give you a truly unique and diverse outlook of your night. The unit not only provides you with still imagery but also eBooks, making eGuestbook a truly versatile addition to your event. Like nothing you have seen before, it is set up with minimal effort and floor space, using only a table.

How it works?

A staff member brings out the unit prior to the start of your event, straight to your venue, sets it up and away you go! The staff member will stay at your event all throughout the booked time – which is included in the cost, to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the required time. Normal usage is from anywhere from 5 – 7 hours, however we know you and your guests will still want more. Setting up the unit not too far away from your guests with only power required, we suggest your MC along with our attendant, encourages all guests to use the unit, so you get the most value.

What else can I get?

An album with a twist. Photos that your guests have taken can be embodied into an album in eBooks for you which you can create a perfect bookstore to revisit time and time again. We can also provide the original photos to your photographer to incorporate into the album they provide. Prompting cards are also available, which we leave on every table, in an effort to remind people to utilise eGuestbook. Additional hours, and extended online web gallery duration is also available.

What do you and your guests get?

Included in the package is the unedited and professionally edited eBooks of your guests Books messages, which is set to music of your choice. These same eBooks which are all high definition quality, are printed on the night for your guests on the night all free of charge, along with a login to our website if they want reprints or enlargements for themselves. You are also provided your own login to our web gallery with all the imagery and videos shown if you would like to upload them to Facebook or YouTube.

Are the eBooks and Videos mine?

Yes all eBooks and videos taken on the night are fully copyrighted to yourself. Almost all of the packages will keep all eBooks and videos up on your own web gallery within our website for 3 months – unless you want it up for more! Within the 3 months, you and your guests can upload all content to Facebook or YouTube, and order reprints and enlargements. Don’t forget you also get the professionally edited DVD of all the eBooks and videos from the night, as well as a USB with all the unedited footage. After the standard 3 months, all content is deleted off our server.

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