When asked what sets Reader’s Feast bookstore apart from others, Mary Dalmau (owner and manager) replies “our booksellers”. We are so fortunate to have career, vocational booksellers who have worked over many years together in the book trade. You can see a short profile of some of our booksellers here.

Name: Bernie
Yrs: 24
Role: Buyer
Favourite genres: Teenage Fiction, Romance, Australian Contemporary Non-Fiction.
Favourite book: Little Princess
Most memorable Moment: Shaking Gough Whitlam’s hand.

Name: Nigel
Yrs: 8
Role: Dispatch Clerk
Favourite genres: Biography, Performing Arts
Favourite book: Holding The Man
Most memorable Moment: The readings by Julia Blake and Gary Files of selected letters from “84 Charing Cross Road”

Name: Nic
Yrs: 18
Role: Buyer
Favourite genres: Fiction
Favourite book: The Catcher in the Rye
Most memorable Moment: Helping Gregory Peck when he was in our store whilst in Melbourne to film Moby Dick

Name: Melissa
Yrs: 8
Role: Bookseller
Favourite genres: History, Fantasy, Teenage Fiction, Biography
Favourite book: The Dune Series
Most memorable Moment: Meeting Charlaine Harris

Name: Mary D (for more see
Yrs: 37
Role: Director and manager
Favourite genres: Crime Fiction, Contemporary Fiction
Favourite book: Listening to Country
Most memorable Moment: Establishing a connection with James Joyce House/Brendan Kilty SC, Dublin, Ireland.

Name: Troy
Yrs: 18
Role: Dispatch Manager
Favourite genres: Science Fiction, Crime Fiction
Favourite book: Forever War
Most memorable Moment: Breakfast with American author Lee Child

Name: Imogen
Yrs: 5
Role: Special Orders Assistant/e-News Co-ordinator/Membership Manager
Favourite genres: Classics, Fiction, Plays & Poetry, Children’s
Favourite book: Persuasion or Jane Eyre
Most memorable Moment: Participating in our event “A night at George’s”

Name: Andrew
Yrs: 5
Role: Social Media Co-ordinator/Bookseller
Favourite genres: Performing Arts, Teenage Fiction
Favourite book: The Fault in Our Stars
Most memorable Moment: Involvement in, and filming, our opening night in the new store

Name: Maria
Yrs: 34
Role: Special Order Manager
Favourite genres: Biography, Travel Narrative
Favourite book: Charlotte’s Web
Most memorable Moment: Meeting Kerry Greenwood and being introduced to her books.

Name: Donna
Yrs: 25
Role: Buyer
Favourite genres: History, Historical Fiction
Favourite book: Rome Series
Most memorable Moment: Meeting Mick Jagger when he came to purchase books at our store.