What’s New in 2018

Scraptastic Summer of Style
There are some big things happening at RPS in 2011. This summer is going to be full of amazing, fun, crafty things for everyone! Here is just a taste of what is to come:


We love fun, we love style and we love being happy here at Readers Feast. These projects are put together by the creative team here at Readers Feast and are exclusive to us, and us alone. Pick one up today and discover what makes each and every project kit so special!

Book Kits
These packets contain all the bits and pieces (plus instructions) that you need to make some amazingly inspiring books! Mix and match, make what you want and never get lost along the way! Perfect for those special craft nights or just for a bit of fun on the weekend.


Copic Classes
Amazingly popular, Copic book allow you to add your very own spunky personalised artwork to your special creations. Draw, colour and airbrush through all of our brand new classes next year!


New Stationery Ranges
It’s amazing that even after being around for so long, Reader Feast is still re-inventing itself and staying on the edge of style and spunk all year round. Nothing will say this more than the new ranges coming out at Reader Feast this January, so get ready for the latest fash in 2018!


Be sure to glue yourself to the Readers Feast website each week to find out what new, exciting and amazing things we are bringing out!

The whole team at Readers Feast would like to wish you a very merry Christmas, an exceptionally happy new year and a safe holiday season! We all look forward to seeing you for even more excitement in the new year!

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