Which box should I choose for my child?

When is comes to placing your order with Readers Feast, we’re often asked which subscription is best for your child. It’s right up there with, “Do we get to keep the books?!” (Answer: “Yes! Yes you do!”).

At Readers Feast, we offer three subscription box services for children (plus an increasingly popular box of books for mums and other carers with a passion for women’s fiction!). These are based on the reading ages 0-2; 3-5; and 6-7.

To answer which box is right for your child, let me tell you a little about how we go about selecting the books for each box.

Each month, we’re sent advance copies of books for review, as well as details of all the new titles being published in the coming months from publishers around Australia. Typically, each book is assigned a recommended reading age – for example, it may be designed for children aged between 1-2, or for newborns, or for those aged 4-7. This recommendation has been made by the publisher, and we certainly take this into account when assigning books to each age category.

It’s also important for us to select appropriately formatted books for each age category. For example, a board book is appropriate for a 0-2 -year-old, but not for a 6-7-year old. Similarly, a paperback book with only a few illustrations is not the right choice for a newborn.

So, what can you expect from each box?

0-2-year olds: This box is designed for children from newborn to two years old. The box will include picture or board books, lullabies, lift-the-flap and beautifully illustrated books. Reading at this age is less about the story, and more about establishing a beautiful routine of reading aloud with your child.

Example books: Blocks; Doodle Cat; Wee Gallery Board Books: Safari; Noisy Farm; Australian Lullaby

3-5-year-olds: Designed for your inquisitive toddler, this box includes books that have been chosen for their stories and illustrations. You will find books which touch on interesting themes, often featuring faultless rhyme to encourage your child to engage in the words and story.

Example books: Go Home Cheeky Animals; Let’s Play; Blue and Bertie; Gorilla Loves Vanilla

6-7-year-olds: Your 6-7-year-old will be starting to enjoy reading themselves. You will find a mix of books in this box either designed to read together, or for your child to begin reading aloud (with your help!).

Example books: What Do Grown Ups Do All Day; Milo; Rockhopping

But what if you have a two-and-a-half-year-old who loves their books? Or a five-year-old who’s less inquisitive. Which box is right for them?

There is always going to be some cross over and some exceptions to the rule. Ultimately, you know your child best, and we can only give guidance based on the recommended reading age of each book. A two-and-a-half-year-old with a thirst for books will devour our toddler box, whereas a six-year-old who’s only just discovering books may also be best suited to our 3-5-year old box. Rest assured, there is an option for everyone, and if you have any questions, all your have to do is ask. You can always email us at info@readersfeast.com.au or drop us a message via Facebook or Instagram.

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